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Mission Statement:

Rescue Ready CPR has a simple mission statement.  Be informed, stay informed, and help save someones life.  CPR is a basic skill and probably the most important skill you will ever learn.

Rescue Ready CPR is prepared to pass along the teachings and techniques of CPR to the community anyway we can. No one will be left behind.  We have the ability to come to your home, business, church…wherever and whenever with CPR  manikins, paperwork and all other equipment necessary to get the job done…oh ya… we will have some fun doing it too.

Certain CPR certifications stay current for 2 years others for 1 year.  At Rescue Ready CPR we suggest you take a CPR class at least once a year regardless of the type of certification you may have.  It’s very important to be sure you stay current with the newest teachings and techniques and to keep your skills and memory refreshed.

Just think… you can be the difference in saving someone’s life… what an incredible feeling!!!

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